Daily 70s Spot: Wendy’s Hamburgers ‘Hot & Juicy’ campaign, ‘Cowboy’ commercial (1979)

Cowboys love 'Hot & Juicy' Wendy's burgers. (1979)

Cowboys love ‘Hot & Juicy’ Wendy’s burgers. (1979)

Merry Monday! Here’s your delectable Daily 70s Spot – a Wendy’s Hamburgers commercial captured in March of 1979. This spot, featuring a cowboy and a fellow with a Pinocchio nose, was part of the long-running ‘Hot & Juicy’ campaign. Eat it up.

Daily 70s Spot #3: Wendy’s Hamburgers ‘Hot & Juicy’ Campaign, ‘Cowboy’ Commercial (1979)

This isn't weird at all. Move along.  (Wendy's Hamburgers, 1979)

This isn’t weird at all. Move along. (Wendy’s Hamburgers, 1979)

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