Music for Monday: Kenny Nolan, ‘I Like Dreamin’

'I like dreamin' - 'cause dreamin' can make you mine.'  (Kenny Nolan, 1977)

‘I like dreamin’ – ’cause dreamin’ can make you mine.’ (Kenny Nolan, 1977)

You may remember the song “I Like Dreamin’,” but before you saw the headline for this post could you have named the writer and singer of the tune? If you knew it was Kenny Nolan, give yourself a cookie.

“I Like Dreamin'” was recorded in 1976 and slowly climbed the US Billboard “Hot 100” chart, reaching a high of #3 in March of 1977. The song is Nolan’s most-successful single under his own name but he also co-authored Frankie Valli’s “My Eyes Adored You” (#1) and Labelle’s “Lady Marmalade” (#1), among others.

Here’s Nolan performing his easy listening classic on American Bandstand in January of ’77.

Kenny Nolan ‘I Like Dreamin’,’ American Bandstand, 1977

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