Rad Ads: JET Magazine, January 16, 1973

I haven’t hit you with any delightful, 70s-era advertisements in over a month, so let’s remedy that straight away. Here’s a fun collection of print ads from the January 16, 1973 issue of JET magazine. For those of you only vaguely paying attention, I’ll point out that that’s 40 years ago. And since JET is a weekly mag, this would be the issue in your hand four decades back.

Jet was first published in 1951 and according to their Web Site: “…is the No. 1 African-American newsweekly and has more than 7 million readers.” Soak up the flashback!
(By clicking one image you can easily enlarge and scroll through them all. Look to the lower right and click the next image link).







(Source: Google Books/Jet)

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