70s stories in the news: Star Wars, Corvette Stingray, Conrad Bain

Sunday is a good time to catch up on the news. With that in mind, here’s a batch of scintillating 1970s-related stories that have come to light in recent days. On tap; a possible Star Wars TV series in the works, the first new Corvette Stingray since the 70s and unfortunately, numerous 70s-era notables have passed away. Read up.

ABC to look at ‘Star Wars’ live-action TV series

A farm hick and two droids walk into a bar...

A farm hick and two droids walk into a bar…

50 Star Wars TV series scripts have been gathering dust on a shelf at ABC. Now that ABC and Lucasfilm are both owned by Disney – a Star Wars TV show may have a much better shot at actually being produced. Should we be pleased or frightened?

CNN/EW.com Quote:

“Even many working in Hollywood don’t realize a live-action Star Wars TV series has been sitting on the shelf the past few years. The project was commissioned by longtime Lucasfilm producer Rick McCallum, who enlisted writers such as ‘Battlestar Galactica’s’ Ron Moore and swore them to NDA secrecy on the plot details (more on the show’s storyline below). Fifty scripts were written. McCallum once called the scripts the most ‘provocative, bold and daring material that we’ve ever done.'”

Reuters Video Story: Corvette at 60 resurrects the Stingray
Reuters has a video report on the 2014 Corvette, the first new Corvette to carry the Stingray name since 1976.

‘Lovelace’: New image from Amanda Seyfried porn drama
Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive new image from the set of Lovelace, a film about the 1970s most well-known porn actress.

Conrad BainDiff’rent Strokes (1978-1986) Dad & Maude regular (1978)
Roger Broggie Jr. – Disney ‘audio-animatronics whiz’
Nagisa OshimaIn the Realm of the Senses (1976) filmmaker

Other 70s-related stories you may wish to peruse:

Dodgers’ Vin Scully to be honored at annual scouts dinner

California to offer ‘legacy license plates’ (50s, 60s & 70s)

Senator Rockefeller announces retirement

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