Partridge Pop: ‘This Is Your Life’ surprises Shirley Jones (1971)

"Shirley Jones...This Is Your Life!!"

“Shirley Jones…This Is Your Life!!”

This time around on Partridge Pop- something a bit different. In 1971, the TV show This Is Your Life tip-toed into CBS Studios in L.A. and surprised Shirley Jones on her 37th birthday (March 31st).

The four-minute highlights clip below offers up the intro with Jones looking legitimately surprised and you’ll enjoy hearing her scream, “Jack Cassidy, I’m going to kill you!” If you keep your eyes peeled, just before and during the credits you can catch a quick look at a 12-year-old Shaun Cassidy. Roll it!

‘This Is You Life,’ Shirley Jones Highlights, 1971

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