Daily 70s Spot: Hawaiian Punch ‘Win Hawaii Sweepstakes’ commercial (Late 1970s)

'How'd you like a nice Hawaiian slideshow?!'

‘How’d you like a nice Hawaiian slideshow?!’

“Hey, how’d you like a nice Hawaiian Punch?”

Today’s Daily 70s Spot shows off the animated duo (Punchy and Opie) who advertised Hawaiian Punch throughout the 1960s, 1970s and beyond. In this commercial the island team are pitching a “Win Hawaii Sweepstakes” with a vacation, a Chevy Malibu station wagon and one thousand smackers up for grabs. The spot was recorded from the airwaves in the late 1970s. It looks like “1978” listed in the text at the end but it’s too indistinct to be sure. Punch it!

Daily 70s Spot #22: Hawaiian Punch ‘Win Hawaii Sweepstakes’ Commercial Late 1970s

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