Music for Monday: David Dundas, ‘Jeans On’ (1976)

Nice jacket, Lord Dundas! (David Dundas, 'Jeans On,' 1976)

Nice jacket, Lord Dundas! (David Dundas, ‘Jeans On,’ 1976)

David Dundas (now, Lord David Dundas) released his song “Jeans On” in 1976. The tune, originally written for Brutus Jeans TV commercials, rose to #1 in Germany, #3 in the UK and #17 in the US (Feb. 1977).

My guess is that you may have completely forgotten about this song but once you hear it again memories will come flooding back. Wear it!

(*The original clip was removed from youtube. Here’s a replacement. Not as good, but better than none.)

David Dundas, ‘Jeans On’ (1976)

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