Trailer Tuesday: Disney’s The World’s Greatest Athlete

There he is - 'The World's Greatest Athlete'! (Jan-Michael Vincent, 1973)

There he is – ‘The World’s Greatest Athlete’! (Jan-Michael Vincent, 1973)

Walt Disney Productions’ The World’s Greatest Athlete isn’t a particularly well-remembered movie. The sports comedy released 40-years-ago this month (February, 1973) and was quite successful in its day, ending up the 16th highest-grossing film of the year. That’s higher than classics like Sleeper and High Plains Drifter.

Jan-Michael Vincent starred as Nanu, a Tarzan-like orphan from Africa who is fast enough to outrun a speeding cheetah. A desperate-for-success college coach from America, Sam Archer (John Amos) and his assistant, Milo (Tim Conway) discover Nanu and cart him off to the US. Amazement and Disney-approved chuckles await the stunned collegiate crowds. Howard Cosell makes an appearance as a track announcer to provide some 1970s sports authority to the farcical proceedings.

I couldn’t come up with the proper theatrical trailer but here’s a nifty 30-second TV spot from ’73 and a 90-second clip from the film. Disney is offering up the movie for rent if you are so inclined. Run it.

The World’s Greatest Athlete, TV Trailer, 1973

The World’s Greatest Athlete, Clip with Howard Cosell, 1973

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