Miss Universe: Bob Barker presents the ‘Evening Gown Competition’ (1974)

Winner, 'Miss Photogenic,' Johanna Raunio of Finland. ('Miss Universe 1974')

Winner, ‘Miss Photogenic,’ Johanna Raunio of Finland. (‘Miss Universe 1974’)

Here’s an enjoyable five minutes of video rescued from the Health & Beauty section of the “Anachronism Files.” Host extraordinaire, Bob Barker presenting a dozen Miss Universe 1974 finalists in the “Evening Gown Competition.” The event took place on July 21, 1974 in Manila, Philippines.

Have a look at the competitors from countries including England, USA, Panama and India and marvel at the early-70s fashions folks around the world found fabulous. Really though, what makes this clip a classic is the groovy music provided by the organist (firing up just before the 3:00 mark). Why pay for a band when one person can create all those wunnerful wunnerful sounds on a Wurlitzer?

And in case you were wondering, the winner of Miss Universe 1974 was Amparo Muñoz of Spain.

Bob Barker Presents the Miss Universe ‘Evening Gown Competition,’ 1974

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2 Responses to Miss Universe: Bob Barker presents the ‘Evening Gown Competition’ (1974)

  1. Steve H. says:

    I can’t watch clips like that anymore without thinking of the 1973 movie “Sleeper” and the beauty contest scene. Woody Allen is “Miss Montana” and wins against a bevy of curvy beauties.