Show Toppers: The Fantastic Journey (1977)

"A party of adventurers journeys through zones of time." ('The Fantastic Journey,' 1977)

“A party of adventurers journeys through zones of time.” (‘The Fantastic Journey,’ 1977)

This edition of Show Toppers focuses on a lesser-known science fiction series, The Fantastic Journey, which ran on NBC from February to June, 1977. Only 10 episodes were produced.

The plot centered around a group of scientists who became shipwrecked on an island after passing through a eerie green cloud in the Bermuda Triangle. There, they met other stranded travelers from various points in time. Some, like Varian, from the distant future, some, like Willaway, from the near past. All were attempting to find a place called Evoland where they could return to their respective eras.

The omnipresent Roddy McDowall as 'rebel scientist,' Jonathan Willaway.

The omnipresent Roddy McDowall as ‘rebel scientist,’ Jonathan Willaway.

Star Trek alum, D.C. Fontana was a story editor on a few episodes of the show and the cast included; Jared Martin (Varian), Carl Franklin (Dr. Walters), Ike Eisenmann (Scott), Katie Saylor (Liana) and Roddy McDowall (Dr. Willaway).

The Fantastic Journey TV Intro (1977)

The Fantastic Journey Wiki, IMDb

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