Funshine Friday: ‘Far Out Space Nuts’ (1975)

'Far Out Space Nuts' TV title, 1975

‘Far Out Space Nuts’ TV title, 1975

“I said ‘lunch,’ not ‘launch!'”

Sid and Marty Krofft’s Far Out Space Nuts originally ran on CBS from September, 1975 to September, 1976. 16 episodes were produced.

Junior (Bob Denver) and Barney (Chuck McCann) - the 'Far Out Space Nuts'

Junior (Bob Denver) and Barney (Chuck McCann) – the ‘Far Out Space Nuts’

The show starred Bob Denver (Gilligan’s Island) and Chuck McCann as pea-brained NASA maintenance workers who mistakenly launch themselves into space and crash-land on a distant planet. Patty Maloney played the team’s alien buddy, Honk.

"Honk" if you love aliens

“Honk” if you love aliens

A typical Far Out Space Nuts episode would see the hapless Barney and Junior running from a variety of bizarre aliens and they’d either end up prisoners or escape in the nick of time – only to crash on another strange planet.

I enjoyed the show at the age of eight but have to admit this comedy hasn’t aged as well as some of the other Krofft series. Here’s the intro. Have a gnarly Funshine Friday!

Far Out Space Nuts TV Intro (1975)

Far Out Space Nuts Wiki, IMDb

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2 Responses to Funshine Friday: ‘Far Out Space Nuts’ (1975)

  1. darrin says:

    Seeing this brings back so many Saturday morning memories. Glued to the living room TV, long before the advent of a TV in every room, watching watching this, ‘The Lost Saucer”, “Land of the Lost’, ‘Ark II”, ‘Korg’, ‘Josie and the Pussycats’, ‘The banana Splits’, ‘Grape Ape’, and so many many more. Good memories!

    • David Moore says:

      Glad you liked. If you check around in our “TV” section you’ll find much more. =)