Mood Music: Bay City Rollers, ‘Yesterday’s Hero’ (Japan ’76)

They "don't wanna be Yesterday's Hero!" (Bay City Rollers, 1976)

They “don’t wanna be Yesterday’s Hero!” (Bay City Rollers, 1976)

Having a good Saturday? Here’s the Bay City Rollers performing “Yesterday’s Hero” to keep your day stomping along.

“Yesterday’s Hero” appeared on the Rollers’ Dedication L.P. in the fall of 1976. The performance on display below features the band in Japan in December of 1976. Pay no attention to the 1977 date on the YouTube title. We know it’s 1976 because Pat McGlynn is playing guitar and he was only in the band for a few months in that timeframe. Additionally, you can see the date come up in Japanese during the clip. Roll it!

Bay City Rollers, ‘Yesterday’s Hero,’ Japan, 1976

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