Daily 70s Spot: Pringles Potato Chips (1973)

"Holy %$#@. These Pringles are %$#@ amazing!"

“Holy %$#@. These Pringles are %$#@ amazing!”

They’re “Newfangled”!

Today’s Daily 70s Spot is the type of thing I really go for. A poker night gathering of 40-something fellows reminiscent of The Odd Couple. The buddies are utterly amazed at how wonderful these Pringles are.

In 1975 Pringles was forced to change the word “Chips” to “Crisps.” This commercial aired in February of 1973 and still calls the product “Chips.” Munch it up below.

Daily 70s Spot #52: Pringles Potato Chips ‘Poker Night’ Commercial, 1973

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