Show Toppers: ‘The Bob Newhart Show’

'The Bob Newhart Show,' TV title, 1974

‘The Bob Newhart Show,’ TV title, 1974

The Bob Newhart Show originally ran on CBS from September, 1972 to April, 1978. This beloved sitcom about a Chicago psychologist, his wife, neighbor, co-workers and patients was a top 20 ratings success in its first three seasons (where it followed The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Saturday evenings).

Suzanne Pleshette as Emily Hartley

Suzanne Pleshette as Emily Hartley

Comedian Bob Newhart starred as Dr. Robert Hartley and Suzanne Pleshette (d. 2008) played his wife, Emily. Bill Daily co-starred as neighbor, Howard, and Peter Bonerz and Marcia Wallace played Newhart’s co-workers Jerry and Carol. A huge raft of performers made appearances as Newhart’s neurotic and humorously-agitated patients. Those you may remember included; Jack Riley (Elliot), John Fiedler (Emil), Florida Friebus (Lillian) and Renée Lippin (Michelle).

Howard (Bill Daily) and Bob (Bob Newhart)

Howard (Bill Daily) and Bob (Bob Newhart)

My favorite character on the show was Howard, played by Bill Daily. Airline navigator Howard was bumbling but always friendly and lovable. Daily almost seemed to be continuing his portrayal of Major Healey on I Dream of Jeannie. Enjoy a 1977-era opening for The Bob Newhart Show below with its later season, funky theme song.

The Bob Newhart Show TV Intro, 1977

The Bob Newhart Show Wiki, IMDb
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