Daily 70s Spot: Digger the Dog (1978)

"Walkin' Digger, Mom!"

“Walkin’ Digger, Mom!”

“Digger the Dog. Digger, he goes with you. When you explore. Just pull his leash.”

Our Daily 70s Spot for Sunday pokes your memory-bone with Romper Room’s Digger the Dog toy. If you grew up in the 70s and early-80s you’ve seen this spot a few hundred times. Heck, I still find the song popping into my mind on occasion. Never had a Digger toy (I was already past the toddler age when it debuted) but this one sure has stuck with me.

The commercial aired in 1978 but was produced earlier – around 1974 or so. Take it for a walk.

Daily 70s Spot #58: Digger the Dog Commercial, 1978

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2 Responses to Daily 70s Spot: Digger the Dog (1978)

  1. darrin says:

    Every time I see a toy commercial these days, I’m reminded of an interview concerning the requirements for advertising to children in the 70’s. Each commercial for a toy had to contain an ‘Island’ at the tail of the commercial showing only what want was included with the product. What really stuck with me, however, from that interview was the spokesperson from Romper Room telling how they’d been sued because the original commercial seemed to show ‘Digger’ walking the entirety of the commercial on the strength of one pull of the leash.

  2. David Moore says:

    Interesting. Funny, I did notice that Digger does seem to stop at one point. Wonder who won the lawsuit.