Trailer Tuesday: ‘Silver Streak’

Gene Wilder is George Caldwell in 'Silver Streak,' 1976

Gene Wilder is George Caldwell in ‘Silver Streak,’ 1976

Comedic thriller, Silver Streak hit theaters in December of 1976 and ended up a top 10 money-earner for the year. The movie stars Gene Wilder as a book publisher (George Caldwell) who takes the “Silver Streak” train from Los Angeles to Chicago. Along the journey Wilder meets and falls for Jill Clayburgh (Hilly Burns), witnesses a death, is accused of murder, buddies up with Richard Pryor (Grover T. Muldoon) and survives numerous calamities.

This happened - and we rolled in the aisles. (Gene Wilder (L) and Richard Pryor (R))

This happened – and we rolled in the aisles. (Gene Wilder(L) and Richard Pryor(R))

Take a gander at the theatrical trailer below. It’s one of those coming attractions that gives away a bit too much of the film, but after 37 years do I still need to post a SPOILER warning? Hmm, I guess I just did.

Silver Streak Theatrical trailer, 1976

Silver Streak Wiki, IMDb


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One Response to Trailer Tuesday: ‘Silver Streak’

  1. scopophilia says:

    One of my all-time favorite 70’s movies that manages to be both hilarious and thrilling at the same time. I do agree though that the trailer gives away too much.