Daily 70s Spot: JCPenney Men’s Shoes Commercial (1972)

"Handsome side-zip boots just $18.99." (JCPenney, 1972)

“Handsome side-zip boots just $18.99.” (JCPenney, 1972)

“New looks (for men) like high heels…”

Our Daily 70s Spot is a “fashionable” one for JCPenney’s line of men’s shoes for fall 1972. Commercial aired in November ’72.

*Interesting note: I’m fairly certain the actor in this spot is Jerry Lacy who was a regular on TV’s Dark Shadows and portrayed Humphrey Bogart in Woody Allen’s film, Play It Again, Sam.

Daily 70s Spot #62: JCPenney Men’s Shoes Commercial, 1972

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