Daily 70s Spot: McDonald’s ‘family of four’ commercial (1972)

"You deserve a break today." (McDonald's, 1972)

“You deserve a break today.” (McDonald’s, 1972)

“Feed a family of four for under $4.00.”

Daily 70s Spot time. Drive on up and accompany this haggard father into McDonald’s as he attempts to feed his starving family for less than five bucks. I apologize for the cliche but I can’t help but adding “Thems were the days!” Commercial aired on New Year’s Day, 1972.

*Note: The actor who plays the father is the same fellow from the 1973 Pringles spot. Wish I knew his name. He was popular in early-70s advertising.

Daily 70s Spot #68: McDonald’s ‘Family of Four’ Commercial, 1972

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