Show Toppers: ‘Delta House’ (1979)

"They're crazy, wild and they're rough and rude." ('Delta House,' 1979)

“They’re crazy, wild and they’re rough and rude.” (‘Delta House,’ 1979)

Delta House, based on the movie Animal House, originally ran Saturday evenings on ABC from January to April, 1979. ABC bought the rights to National Lampoon‘s Animal House story, hired the film’s production team and cast several of the original stars for the short-lived sitcom.

ABC's 'Delta House' cast, 1979

ABC’s ‘Delta House’ cast, 1979

Unable to secure John Belushi and his Bluto character, Delta House featured Josh Mostel (Zero Mostel’s son) as Bluto’s brother, Blotto. Animal House actors reprising their roles included; John Vernon (Dean Wormer), Stephen Furst (Flounder), Bruce McGill (D-Day) and James Widdoes (Hoover). A 20-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer played the role of “The Bombshell.”

Delta House may have only lasted three months but it outlasted two other Animal House copycat series that same year; NBC’s Brothers and Sisters and CBS’ Co-Ed Fever.

Delta House TV Intro, 1979

Delta House ABC Promo, 1979

Delta House Wiki, IMDb
Delta House photo galley

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4 Responses to Show Toppers: ‘Delta House’ (1979)

  1. scopophilia says:

    This is a really fun blog you have here! I love all the vintage commercials and promos! Excellent!! Brings back lots of great memories!

  2. darrin says:

    Very much in agreement, this a great site for bringing back good memories. Delta house was one of those shows I recall looking forward to only to loose interest after just a few ep’s.