Daily 70s Spot: Nestea Plunge ‘Road Worker’ (1976)

The "Nestea Plunge." Ridiculously refreshing!

The “Nestea Plunge.” Ridiculously refreshing!

“Take the Nestea Plunge!”

Time to drink up a refreshing Daily 70s Spot. Today, we have a spot for Nestea Instant Iced Tea featuring the “Nestea Plunge” campaign. Commercial aired in the hot summer month of July, 1976.

As kids, my sister and I used to imitate these commercials and fall backwards into our grandparents pool on summer vacations. “Ahhh!”

Daily 70s Spot #77: Nestea Plunge ‘Road Worker’ Commercial, 1976

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2 Responses to Daily 70s Spot: Nestea Plunge ‘Road Worker’ (1976)

  1. Steve H. says:

    “Temperature of 111” eh? Must have been in Arizona. Although we don’t have a “Highway 7”

    We used to do the Nestea Plunge into our pool, too. I am sure tens of thousands of kids in America did as well.