Rare McDonald’s ‘McDonaldland’ industrial film (1972)

Hangin' with Mayor McCheese. ('McDonald's Setmakers,' 1972)

Hangin’ with Mayor McCheese. (‘McDonald’s Setmakers,’ 1972)

Here’s a rare and delightful time warp back to your childhood – when a visit to McDonald’s was still something to look forward to. In this 11-minute industrial film from 1972, Setmakers shows off the large line of park-like attractions they can build and install to attract customers to McDonald’s.

Why not vote for your McDonaldland favorite? Will it be the ‘Captain Crook Spiral Slide,’ ‘Mayor McCheese Roundabout,’ ‘Big Mac Climber’ or the ‘Pond with Filet o’ Fish Fountain’? Me, I’m going with the ‘Apple Pie Tree.’ Oh, yes.

Huge crowds at the first McDonaldland opening. ('McDonald's Setmakers,' 1972)

Huge crowds at the first McDonaldland opening. (‘McDonald’s Setmakers,’ 1972)

The 'Apple Pie Tree.' I need this in my dining room. ('McDonald's Setmakers,' 1972)

The ‘Apple Pie Tree.’ I need this in my dining room. (‘McDonald’s Setmakers,’ 1972)

McDonald’s ‘McDonaldland’ Setmakers Industrial Film, 1972

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2 Responses to Rare McDonald’s ‘McDonaldland’ industrial film (1972)

  1. Steve H. says:

    If that kid had wandered off like that today, the parents would have been arrested. This is the kind of industrial short that would be prime riffing for “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

  2. David Moore says:

    Yeah. I love the “acting” in the beginning. Still, a fun trip back in time.