Show Toppers: ‘The American Girls’ (1978)

'The American Girls,' TV title, 1978

‘The American Girls,’ TV title, 1978

On this edition of Show Toppers we have a little-known series that aired briefly in the late 70s. The American Girls originally ran Saturday evenings on CBS from late September to early November, 1978. The hour-long drama about TV news magazine reporters starred Priscilla Barnes (Three’s Company) as Rebecca Tomkins, Debra Clinger as Amy Waddell and David Spielberg (Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice) as TV producer, Francis X. Casey.

Priscilla Barnes (Rebecca) and Debra Clinger (Amy) are 'The American Girls,' 1978

Priscilla Barnes (Rebecca) and Debra Clinger (Amy) are ‘The American Girls,’ 1978

These spunky reporters weren’t content to simply report the stories they uncovered. The two would dive into dangerous, Charlie’s Angels-style adventures while digging up news for their TV show, The American Report.

I’ve got to admit, this show hasn’t held a place in my memory banks. Perhaps this one rings a bell for you? Take in the intro below.

The American Girls TV Intro, 1978

The American Girls Wiki, IMDb

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