Trailer Tuesday: Walter Matthau in ‘Kotch’ (1971)

'Kotch' opening title, 1971

‘Kotch’ opening title, 1971

Kotch, the only film directed by Jack Lemmon, hit theaters in September of 1971. The movie stars Lemmon’s buddy, Walter Matthau as Joseph Kotcher, a retired salesman who befriends a pregnant teenager played by Deborah Winters. This charming comedic drama deals with old age, loneliness and changing moral values.

I viewed Kotch this evening, and while I wouldn’t call the film a classic, the always charismatic Matthau is a pleasure to watch and he received an Academy Award nomination for his role. Larry Linville, later to co-star in M.A.S.H., has a small but effective part (in his first movie role) as Winters’ brother.

Walter Matthau and Deborah Winters ('Kotch,' 1971)

Walter Matthau and Deborah Winters (‘Kotch,’ 1971)

The TV trailer below lists the film as rated “GP,” for “Parental Guidance.” A few years later the designation was changed to “PG.”

‘Kotch’ TV Trailer, 1971

Kotch Wiki, IMDb


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