Show Toppers: Barbi Benton in ‘Sugar Time!’ (1977)

"Sugar Time!' TV title, 1977

“Sugar Time!’ TV title, 1977

Sugar Time! first ran Saturday evenings on ABC in August and September of 1977. It returned for another brief run, Monday evenings, from April to May, 1978. Only 13 episodes were produced in total.

The situation comedy, created by James Komack, focused on a trio of female rock singers who shared an apartment and played in a band called Sugar. Sugar performed (free of charge) at an L.A. nightclub called Al Marks’Tryout Room.

Barbi Benton is Maxx Douglas in 'Sugar Time!,' 1977

Barbi Benton is Maxx Douglas in ‘Sugar Time!,’ 1977

Sugar Time! starred Playboy model and singer, Barbi Benton as Maxx Douglas, who worked as a hat-check girl. Marianne Black played Maggie Barton, who taught dance and Didi Carr portrayed Diane Zuckerman, a dental hygienist. Paul Williams wrote tunes for the series and was a musical adviser.

Sugar Time! TV Intro, 1977

Sugar Time! IMDb
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