Show Toppers: ‘Turnabout’ (1979)

'Turnabout' TV title, 1979

‘Turnabout’ TV title, 1979

Turnabout originally ran Friday evenings on NBC from January through March, 1979. The sitcom starred John Schuck (Holmes & YoYo) as Sam and Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey) as Penny – a married couple who magically switch places. Sam’s spirit enters Penny’s body and vice versa – thanks to a mysterious Gypsy statue in their home. Laughter and awkward situations, such as Sam visiting a gynecologist, ensued. For around six weeks.

Sharon Gless and John Schuck in 'Turnabout.'  (NBC promo photo, 1979)

Sharon Gless and John Schuck in ‘Turnabout.’ (NBC promo photo, 1979)

It’s quite difficult to scrounge up info on Turnabout (only what you see below is to be found on YouTube, for example) and I only have the vaguest memories of the show myself. Here’s the intro for the almost-forgotten series which was based on a 1931 novel. Enjoy.

‘Turnabout’ TV Intro, 1979

Turnabout Wiki, IMDb

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