Music for Monday: Barry Manilow, ‘I Write the Songs’ (1975)

"I write the songs that make the whole world sing." (Barry Manilow, 1975)

“I write the songs that make the whole world sing.” (Barry Manilow, 1975)

Our Music for Monday selection features Barry Manilow singing one of his biggest hits, “I Write the Songs.” “I Write the Songs” was, in fact, written by Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys and first recorded by David Cassidy, as well as The Captain & Tennille. Cassidy’s version hit #1 in the UK and Manilow’s version was #1 in the US by January of 1976.

The video below is a special “Quad Mix” version featuring 70s Manilow TV performances. It was edited and mixed by YouTube poster, THEmowtownboy.

*An interesting note: My father-in-law, Richard Schmitt, was the recording engineer for the David Cassidy version of the tune.

*Note #2: The Quad Mix was removed from YouTube. Here’s another version. I believe it’s from a ’76 TV special.

Barry Manilow, ‘I Write The Songs,’ 1976

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