Funshine Friday: ‘Jason of Star Command’ (1978)

'Jason of Star Command' TV title, 1979

‘Jason of Star Command’ TV title, 1979

Filmation’s Jason of Star Command first aired in September of 1978. The low-budget, outer space-based adventure appeared as 15-minute cliff-hanger episodes during the CBS series Tarzan and the Super 7. The following year, Jason was expanded to 30-minutes and ran as a stand-alone series.

Jason (Craig Littler) and Dragos (Sid Haig)

Jason (Craig Littler) and Dragos (Sid Haig)

Jason of Star Command starred Craig Littler as Jason, Charlie Dell as Professor E.J. Parsafoot, Sid Haig as the villainous, Dragos, and for the first season, Star Trek‘s James Doohan as Commander Canarvin. Other cast members included; Susan Pratt (Captain Nicole Davidoff), Tamara Dobson (Samantha) and John Russell (The Commander).

‘Jason of Star Command’ TV Intro, 1978

Jason of Star Command Wiki, IMDb

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