Daily 70s Spot: Ford Thunderbird (1977)

Thunderbird Woman loves Thunderbird!

Thunderbird Woman loves Thunderbird!

“When America needs a better idea – Ford puts it on wheels.”

Let’s roll out the Daily 70s Spot. Here’s a Ford Thunderbird commercial highlighting the new ’77 vehicles. They’re “thinner” with a “wide stance.” Spot aired in early 1977.

Daily 70s Spot #130: Ford Thunderbird Commercial, 1977

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2 Responses to Daily 70s Spot: Ford Thunderbird (1977)

  1. Steve H. says:

    Gee, a family of four today could LIVE in that. There was probably as much steel in that as there is in a modern airliner. Another good ol’ HUGE 70s car.

    Who is the woman in the ad? She looks very familiar. Looks a bit like Cheryl Ladd.

    • David Moore says:

      I think she looks familiar too. Like Ladd or Shelly Hack but I’m not sure.