Trailer Tuesday: ‘Oh, God!’ (1977)

George Burns. God in a plastic raincoat. ('Oh, God,' 1977)

George Burns. God in a plastic raincoat. (‘Oh, God,’ 1977)

Oh, God! was directed by Carl Reiner and hit theaters in October of 1977. The comedy was a commercial and critical success and ended up the seventh highest-grossing film of the year.

The movie stars singer-songwriter, John Denver as Jerry Landers, a Burbank, California grocery store manager who is visited by God and asked to spread a word of peace and hope for mankind. Comedy legend, George Burns plays God.

Far out! It's Teri Garr and John Denver. ('Oh, God,' 1977)

Far out! It’s Teri Garr and John Denver. (‘Oh, God,’ 1977)

I was inspired to watch Oh, God! again last week after re-watching Burns in Going in Style. The film still holds up as a charming, entertaining piece but does feel a bit quaint for 2013. It would be interesting to see what a remake would do with the social media, 24-hour news channel angle for modern times. Not that I would condone a remake. They’d probably get Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to star as God this time around.

Catch the Oh, God! trailer below. It has a copyright date of 1978 so is likely a trailer released to keep hype flowing for the film or for a slightly later release in another English-speaking market.

‘Oh, God!’ Theatrical Trailer, 1978

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