Show Toppers: ‘Struck by Lightning’ (1979)

'Struck by Lightning" TV title, 1979

‘Struck by Lightning” TV title, 1979

Today on Show Toppers we have a real rarity. Give yourself a hearty pat on the back if you remember this one. Struck by Lightning originally ran Wednesday evenings on CBS from September to October, 1979. 11 episodes were filmed but only three were ever shown in the US (the UK saw them all in 1980).

The sitcom stars Jeffrey Kramer as Ted Stein, the great-great-grandson of Dr. Frankenstein, who inherits an ancient inn in Massachusetts. Frank (aka Frankenstein), played by Jack Elam, still lives at the Brightwater Inn and convinces Ted to stick around and recreate a formula that will keep him alive.

Frank (Jack Elam) and Stein (Jeffrey Kramer) ('Struck by Lightning,' 1979)

Frank (Jack Elam) and Stein (Jeffrey Kramer) (‘Struck by Lightning,’ 1979)

The Struck by Lightning cast was rounded out by Millie Slavin as innkeeper Nora, Jeff Cotler as her son, Brian, Bill Erwin as a boarder called Glenn and Richard Stahl as Walt, a real estate agent. Catch the shocking intro below with its surprising theme song, “You Are So Beautiful.”

‘Struck by Lightning’ TV Intro & Sponsorship Sting, 1979

Struck by Lightning Wiki, IMDb
(Additional reference: The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh)

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