Music for Monday: Black Sabbath, ‘War Pigs’ (live, 1970, ’74)

Black Sabbath's Bill Ward and Tony Iommi cooking 'War Pigs.' (Paris, 1970)

Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward and Tony Iommi cooking ‘War Pigs.’ (Paris, 1970)

Good day, fine people. I hope those of you in the US are enjoying the extended Memorial Day weekend. In remembrance of soldiers who fought for us in recent and long-past battles – here’s Black Sabbath with a stomping anti-war song, “War Pigs.” Not one, but two versions. The first finds the band in taught, supreme form, blasting Paris, France in December of 1970.

The second video is more of a curiosity, with the band out of their element – outdoors in the warm sunshine (with a rainbow backdrop no less) at the California Jam in April of 1974.

Black Sabbath, ‘War Pigs’ Live in Paris, France, 1970

Black Sabbath, ‘War Pigs’ Live in Ontario, California, 1974

(Video from: HDBlackSabbath‘s YouTube channel.)

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