Trailer Tuesday: ‘The Lords of Flatbush’ (1974)

'The Lords of Flatbush,' trailer title, 1974

‘The Lords of Flatbush,’ trailer title, 1974

Low budget, coming-of-age story, The Lords of Flatbush, rumbled into theaters in May of 1974. The film will be celebrating its 40th anniversary next year.

The movie stars Perry King (Chico), Sylvester Stallone (Stanley), Henry Winkler (Butchey) and Paul Mace (Wimpy) as a quartet of young, leather jacket-wearing Brooklyn, New Yorkers in the late 1950s.

The slice-of-life plot revolves around Chico’s attempt to woo a gal named Jane (Susan Blakely) and also follows Stanley and his girl, Frannie (Maria Smith) who are expecting a baby and arguing about marriage.

The Fonze, Rocky and,uh, Wimpy ('The Lords of Flatbush,' 1974)

The Fonze, Rocky and,uh, Wimpy (‘The Lords of Flatbush,’ 1974)

Interesting facts about The Lords of Flatbush: Richard Gere was originally cast in the film but had to drop out due to differences with Stallone. Sly Stallone wrote some dialog for the movie. Paul Mace (Wimpy) died in a road accident at age 33 in 1983.

‘The Lords of Flatbush’ Theatrical Trailer, 1974

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