Daily 70s Spot: ‘Walking Tall Part 2’ (1975)

Ah, Buford. Don't kill that beautiful muscle car! ('Walking Tall Part 2,' 1975)

Ah, Buford. Don’t kill that beautiful muscle car! (‘Walking Tall Part 2,’ 1975)

“A man can only take so much. Then he has to fight back.”

Time to screen the Daily 70s Spot. This Sunday morning we have a television promo for the film Walking Tall Part 2 starring Bo Svenson. Spot aired in August of 1975. This one may bring a tear to your eye as a hot, 70s muscle car is torn apart.

*Note: The movie was actually entitled “Part 2 Walking Tall’ upon its original release. Awkward but true.

Daily 70s Spot #149: ‘Walking Tall Part 2’ TV Promo, 1975

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3 Responses to Daily 70s Spot: ‘Walking Tall Part 2’ (1975)

  1. Steve H. says:

    I really, truly hope that the car (which is a Camaro) was a wreck that they fixed up to be demolished !!! The owner of the car appears to be veteran character actor Richard Jaeckel. I doubt very much that you could knock the tops off the carburators like that with just a wooden stick. Oh, well, that’s Hollywood.

    • David Moore says:

      Doubt you could rip a hood off with your bare hands either. Well, I could, of course. Ahem.

  2. Steve H. says:

    I also like the fact that these films showed a lawman condemning violence in his community by destroying/beating everything and everybody up in sight. It’s Billy Jack with a big billy club.