Trailer Tuesday: Richard Pryor in ‘Greased Lightning’ (1977)

'Greased Lightning' trailer title, 1977

‘Greased Lightning’ trailer title, 1977

Greased Lightning hit theaters in July of 1977. The movie, based on a true story, was directed by Michael Schultz (Car Wash, Cooley High) and stars Richard Pryor as the first black stock car racing champ, Wendell Scott.

Richard Pryor is Wendell Scott ('Greased Lightning,' 1977)

Richard Pryor is Wendell Scott (‘Greased Lightning,’ 1977)

The Greased Lightning cast includes Pam Grier as Mary Jones, Beau Bridges as Hutch and Cleavon Little as Peewee. Singer Richie Havens has a small role, playing a character called Woodrow.

Catch the trailer below. VO narration is by Michael Bell.

‘Greased Lightning’ Theatrical Trailer, 1977

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