Show Toppers: ‘Lou Grant’ (1977)

'Lou Grant' TV title, 1977

‘Lou Grant’ TV title, 1977

Lou Grant, a spin-off of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, originally ran on CBS from September, 1977 to September, 1982.

The show stars Ed Asner, reprising his Lou Grant role from Mary Tyler Moore, but this time moving from a half-hour sitcom to a one-hour drama. Grant uproots to Los Angeles to work at the Tribune newspaper as City Editor. Many stories involved Grant’s mentoring of the younger staff reporters and episodes dealt with a wide range of L.A. topics such as murder, mental illness and earthquakes.

Ed Asner as the lovable grouch, Lou Grant (1977)

Ed Asner as the lovable grouch, Lou Grant (1977)

The Lou Grant cast included Robert Walden (Joe Rossi), Daryl Anderson (Animal), Linda Kelsey (Billie Newman), Mason Adams (Charlie Hume), Jack Bannon (Art Donovan) and Nancy Marchand as the Tribune‘s publisher, Margaret Jones Pynchon.

Lou Grant Season One TV Intro, 1977

Lou Grant Wiki, IMDb

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