Funshine Friday: ‘The Kids from: C.A.P.E.R.’ (1976)

'The Kids from: C.A.P.E.R.' TV title, 1976

‘The Kids from: C.A.P.E.R.’ TV title, 1976

The Kids From: C.A.P.E.R. originally ran Saturday mornings on NBC from September through November, 1976 and again from April through November, 1977. In all, 13 episodes were produced.

The comedy-adventure show focused on a team of teen crime fighters and the acronym in the title stood for “The Civilian Authority for the Protection of Everybody. Regardless.”

'The Kids from: C.A.P.E.R.' and female friend, 1976

‘The Kids from: C.A.P.E.R.’ and female friend, 1976

The Kids From: C.A.P.E.R. were portrayed by 20-something actors; Steve Bonino (P.T.), Cosie Costa (Bugs), Biff Warren (Doomsday) and John Lansing (Doc). Enjoy the intro below.

‘The Kids From: C.A.P.E.R.’ TV Intro, 1976

The Kids From: C.A.P.E.R. Wiki, IMDb
The Kids from:

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