School Movies: ‘The Crossroads Crash’ (1973)

It's Bonnie Parker! Kinda sorta. ('The Crossroads Crash,' 1973)

It’s Bonnie Parker! Kinda sorta. (‘The Crossroads Crash,’ 1973)

School movie time! Yes, yes, you can run the projector. Now sit down and enjoy this surprisingly watchable 1973 safety film, Crossroads Crash, or to give it its full title, National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course – The Crossroads Crash.

Mr. Speedy-pants is busted ('The Crossroads Crash,' 1973)

Mr. Speedy-pants is busted (‘The Crossroads Crash,’ 1973)

This 10-minute movie starts with a slapstick Bonnie & Clyde-style bank robbery and shows off many gas-guzzling 70s cars in Chicago and suburban Illinois. Roll it!

‘The Crossroads Crash’ Safety Film, 1973

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2 Responses to School Movies: ‘The Crossroads Crash’ (1973)

  1. Steve H. says:

    Wow. I learned so much from this:
    1. Depression-era bank robbers wore Mickey Mouse watches
    2. Bank robbers don’t know enough to not park in front of a fire hydrant.
    3. You can shift an automatic transmission just like a manual to take off from a stop light.
    4. I guess wearing seat belts is not all that important.
    5. Rubbernecking by staring at the accident in your side mirror is OK