Daily 70s Spot: Genesee Beer ‘Henley, England’ (1978)

Hurray for beer!! (Genesee Beer, 1978)

Hurray for beer!! (Genesee Beer, 1978)

“Our one brewery makes it best. Genesee.”

Let’s drop our Daily 70s Spot into the river and see if it floats. Today we have a Genesee Beer commercial featuring a rowing team in Henley-on-Thames, England. Spot aired in May of 1978.

*Note: Hmmm, that’s a suspect accent on Mr. Trimble. I suspect a Yank posing as a Brit or too much time in The States.

Daily 70s Spot #185: Genesee Beer ‘Henley, England’ Commercial, 1978

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