Daily 70s Spot: JCPenney ‘Groovy Leather Jacket Gal’ (1972)

"Function Junction Leathers?" (JCPenney, 1972)

“Function Junction Leathers?” (JCPenney, 1972)

“We know what you’re looking for.”

Daily 70s Spot coming in for a landing, mellow babies. Today we have another JCPenney commercial. This time we find a groovy gal in her stylish, ‘split-cowhide’ leather jacket.

The actress appears to be Nancy Allen (RoboCop) – as helpful YouTube user, PeerlessPaavo, pointed out. I was thinking it was Lauren Tewes (The Love Boat). That’d be my second guess. Spot aired in November of 1972.

Daily 70s Spot #186: JCPenney ‘Groovy Leather Jacket Gal’ Commercial, 1972

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