Music for Monday: KISS, ‘ABC’s In Concert’ (1974)

"Ooohhh...Black Diamond!!" (KISS on 'ABC's In Concert,' 1974)

“Ooohhh…Black Diamond!!” (KISS on ‘ABC’s In Concert,’ 1974)

Happy Hairy Hesher day! We’ve got an extended Music for Monday on deck as the following mini-concert was too good to split apart.

Here’s KISS with their first national television appearance. The nascent band performed “Nothin’ to Lose,” “Firehouse” and “Black Diamond” on February 21, 1974 and the show was broadcast on ABC’s In Concert a few weeks later on March 29th. The tunes all appear on KISS’ debut, self-titled L.P. which had just dropped into record shops. Turn it up!

KISS, ‘ABC’s In Concert,’ 1974

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