Trailer Tuesday: ‘Dirty Harry’ (1971)

'Dirty Harry' trailer title, 1971

‘Dirty Harry’ trailer title, 1971

Don Siegel‘s Dirty Harry shot into theaters in December of 1971. The film stars Clint Eastwood as San Francisco Police Department Inspector Harry Callahan. Callahan, a cop who plays by his own rules, is on the trail of the psychotic “Scorpio Killer” who is terrorizing the city.

Inspector Harry Callahan and friend ('Dirty Harry,' 1971)

Inspector Harry Callahan and friend (‘Dirty Harry,’ 1971)

Dirty Harry propelled Eastwood from movie star to superstar status and pretty much invented the quotable, wisecracking hero genre. (“Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”) The actors rounding out the film’s cast include; Harry Guardino (Lt. Al Bressler), John Vernon (The Mayor), Reni Santoni (Chico) and Andrew Robinson as the “Scorpio Killer.”

‘Dirty Harry’ Theatrical Trailer, 1971

Dirty Harry Wiki, IMDb


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