Mood Music: David Bowie, ‘Life On Mars?’ (1973)

"It's the freakiest show..." (David Bowie, 'Life on Mars?,' 1973)

“It’s the freakiest show…” (David Bowie, ‘Life on Mars?,’ 1973)

Recorded in April of 1971 and first released on David Bowie’s Hunky Dory L.P., “Life On Mars?” was re-released as a single in June of 1973 where it went to #3 on the UK charts.

The song features piano work by Rick Wakeman and though Bowie has called the tune a love song, the lyrics are surreal and open to interpretation. But who cares? “Life On Mars?” is one of life’s musical treasures. Let it enrich you.

Here’s Bowie’s promo film directed and shot by Mick Rock backstage at London’s Earl’s Court venue on 12 May, 1973.

David Bowie, ‘Life On Mars?’ Promotional Video, 1973

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