Funshine Friday: ‘Sealab 2020’ (1972)

'Sealab 2020' title card, 1972

‘Sealab 2020’ title card, 1972

Hanna-Barbera’s Sealab 2020 originally ran Saturday mornings on NBC beginning in September of 1972. 13, 20-minute episodes were aired. According to a few sources, three additional episodes were produced but never shown. Warner Brothers recently made the show available again as a manufacture-on-demand DVD collection.

Go, go oceanauts! ('Sealab 2020,' 1972)

Go, go oceanauts! (‘Sealab 2020,’ 1972)

Sealab 2020 was set in the far future (jinkies! only 7 years away now) and centered around an undersea colony of 250 researchers and explorers led by Captain Murphy and Dr. Paul Williams. Williams was voiced by Ross Martin (The Wild Wild West) and other cast members included Ann Jillian (It’s A Living) and Pamelyn Ferdin (A Boy Named Charlie Brown). In 2000, Cartoon Network ran a successful parody of the show entitled Sealab 2021.

‘Sealab 2020’ TV Intro, 1972

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