Trailer Tuesday: ‘The Last Detail’ (1973)

'The Last Detail' trailer title, 1973

‘The Last Detail’ trailer title, 1973

Hal Ashby‘s The Last Detail sailed into theaters in December of 1973. The film follows two Navy old-timers, Billy “Badass” Buddusky (Jack Nicholson) and Richard “Mule” Mulhall (Otis Young) who are tasked with escorting a young sailor, Larry Meadows (Randy Quaid), to a naval prison in New Hampshire. Meadows has drawn a harsh, 8-year sentence for petty theft and Buddusky is determined to show the naive youngster a good time before his incarceration.

A pleasant picnic in the snow ('The Last Detail,'1973)

A pleasant picnic in the snow (‘The Last Detail,’1973)

My mother took me to see this profanity-laden tale featuring fisticuffs and prostitution when the film first hit theaters and I quite enjoyed it. I was seven-years-old. The performances are excellent and you really feel for young Meadows. Thanks, Mom!

‘The Last Detail’ Theatrical Trailer, 1973

The Last Detail Wiki, IMDb


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