Funshine Friday: ‘Battle Of The Planets’ (1978)

'Battle of the Planets' TV title, 1978

‘Battle of the Planets’ TV title, 1978

Battle of the Planets first hit North American TV screens in the fall of 1978. The animated sci fi series is a Westernized version of Japan’s Science Ninja Team Gatchaman of 1972. BotP takes Gatchaman’s animation, removes much of the violence and all of the profanity, and adds new scenes featuring a robot called 7-Zark-7, who offers narrative VO and kid-friendly comedy to the mix.

Battle of the Planets follows five young, vaguely-superhuman members of the G-Force team who protect Earth – mostly from a villain named Zoltar. The G-Force heroes (Mark, Jason, Keyop, Princess and Tiny) fly around in their Phoenix spaceship that deploys smaller vehicles when needed, such as a race car and a motorcycle.

May the G-Force be with you ('Battle of the Planets,' 1978)

May the G-Force be with you (‘Battle of the Planets,’ 1978)

Battle of the Planets voice actors include; Alan Young of Mr. Ed fame (7-Zark-7), Keye Luke (Colonel Cronus), Casey Kasem (Mark), Ronnie Schell (Jason) and Janet Waldo (Princess). Take in the ancient intro below and have a happy Funshine Friday.

‘Battle of the Planets’ TV Intro, 1978

Battle of the Planets Wiki, IMDb

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