Daily 70s Spot: Polaroid ‘Polavision Instant Movies’ (1978)

Enjoying the magic of 'Instant Movies' (Polaroid Polavision commercial, 1978)

Enjoying the magic of ‘Instant Movies’ (Polaroid Polavision commercial, 1978)

“The more fun you have – the more fun you have when you play it back seconds later on your Polavision player.”

All righty, let’s wheel out our Daily 70s Spot. Here’s a fairly rare Polaroid commercial for the short-lived ‘Polavision Instant Movies‘ camera and player. Another excellent idea from Polaroid, however, unlike the popular still camera, this one didn’t catch fire. Polavision was phased out in 1979. Spot aired in July of 1978.

Daily 70s Spot #206: Polaroid ‘Polavision Instant Movies’ Commercial, 1978

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