Trailer Tuesday: ‘Halloween’ (1978)

'Halloween' trailer title, 1978

‘Halloween’ trailer title, 1978

Jumpin’ Jimminy! It’s been a mighty long time since we’ve taken a trip to the movies. (I’ve been busy with paid writing deadlines.) Let’s rectify things now with a look at the original coming attraction for John Carpenter‘s horror classic, Halloween.

A 19-yr-old, Jamie Lee Curtis stars in 'Halloween,' 1978

A 19-yr-old, Jamie Lee Curtis stars in ‘Halloween,’ 1978

Released almost 35-years-ago to-the-day on October 25th, 1978, Halloween features Jamie Lee Curtis (in her film debut) as Laurie and Donald Pleasence as Dr. Loomis. The story, as most of you likely know, focuses on Curtis’ attempts to avoid a gruesome death at the hands of escaped murderer, Michael Myers. Take in the timely trailer below.

‘Halloween’ Theatrical Trailer, 1978

Halloween Wiki, IMDb


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2 Responses to Trailer Tuesday: ‘Halloween’ (1978)

  1. Steve H. says:

    “You can’t kill the boogeyman. . .” Great line from a great little low-budget movie with big-budget scares. John Carpenter at his best.

  2. David Moore says:

    One of a small handful of horror films I actually liked as a child.