Daily 70s Spot: Posh Puffs Tissues (1977)

The Puffs so Posh, they've got a golden box. (Posh Puffs commercial, 1977)

The Puffs so Posh, they’ve got a golden box. (Posh Puffs commercial, 1977)

“The softest way to treat a sore nose.”

How the time flies. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting the 365th Daily 70s Spot, completing a solid year of 1970s commercials. Here now, is #364. A Posh Puffs tissue commercial featuring a “blind nose test.” Spot aired in December of 1977.

I’m so pleased to have used the term “blind nose test” in the above paragraph. Can I get a mental high five? Thanks.

Daily 70s Spot #364: Posh Puffs Tissues Commercial, 1977

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