Funshine Friday: ‘The Little Prince’ – ‘Be Happy’ (1974)

He may be "Little" but he's got a mighty large hairdo. (Steven Warner as 'The Little Prince,' 1974)

He may be “Little” but he’s got a mighty large hairdo. (Steven Warner as ‘The Little Prince,’ 1974)

To lead us into the weekend we have a short, sweet and melancholy tune from Stanley Donen’s 1974 movie version of The Little Prince.

The Little Prince motion picture was based on the 1943 novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and in the clip below we find the Rose (Donna McKechnie) serenading the Prince (Steven Warner). Lyrics and music are by Lerner and Lowe. Have a fantastic Funshine Friday!

The Little Prince Wiki, IMDb

‘The Little Prince’: ‘Be Happy’ Song, 1974

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