Sunday 70s Spots: Datsun & ‘Match Game PM’ (1978)

1970s slogan No.101: 'Datsun. We are driven.' (B-210 GX commercial, 1978)

1970s slogan No.101: ‘Datsun. We are driven.’ (B-210 GX commercial, 1978)

“Nobody demands more from a Datsun…than Datsun!”

On this fine, lazy Sunday, we step back in time to 1978 and view two commercials you may have caught that year.

First up, one for the Datsun B-210 GX that aired in early January ’78 (produced in 1977). After that, a fun promo for the game show, Match Game PM. In the episode in question, host Gene Rayburn gets help filling in the blanks from; Charles Nelson Reilly, Gary Burghoff, Brett Somers, Loni Anderson, McLean Stevenson and Marcia Wallace.

Datsun B-210 GX Commercial, 1978

‘Match Game PM’ Promo, 1978

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2 Responses to Sunday 70s Spots: Datsun & ‘Match Game PM’ (1978)

  1. Stuart says:

    Match Game is one of my favorite game shows. I still watch it on GSN.